The Heart of our Health Care Community  -- Pat & Chuck Saunders-White
The Cherry Tree Heart  -- Dena P. Kirk and David Richardson
A Quiet Calm for All Seasons  -- Ross Lampshire
Blooming Heart --  Mac Juneau & Teresa Boynton
Lake View  -- Mary Giacomini
Double Parked Heart -- Jull Schrader
I Tied Your Heart Up -- Jane DeDecker & DeDecker Studio
Connections of the Heart  -- Kirsten Bolton and Danielle Roskamp
Home is Where the Heart Is -- Diane Findley
A Comfort Zone Where Love Is Grown
Lego My Heart  -- Pam Osborn and Joe Stafford
Home Sweet Home  -- Lori & David Nunnally and Earl Knox
Mountain Majesty -- Kathrine and Ron Browne
Majestic Serving WIth a Heart  --  Ross Lampshire
Modern HeArt  --  Leann Harding
Small Town, Big Heart  --  Ross Lampshire
Linnea's A Heart So Pure --  Ross Lampshire
Where Genuine People Meet  --  Ross Lampshire
Wizard of Ozzie's  --  Tony McAdams
Heart of the Winter Soldier  --  Ross Lampshire
Hope Eternal  --  Kathrine & Ron Browne
Heart Artists
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